The Industry Challenge

Product designers  today struggle with constant demands for higher quality, shorter design cycle times and fewer design change/configuration iterations. Currently Conceptual design, Engineering calculations, CAD, CAE and virtual/physical Prototype testing phases in the product development cycle  are linearly managed, with each successive phase requiring more time. To avoid costly corrections at prototype stage, concepts need to be evaluated quickly and designs need to be iterated multiple times before “steel is cut” in order to ensure designs meet target specifications.

Therefore, ensuring maximum engineering predictability at the conceptual stage not only impacts the overall timeline and design quality but reduces the cost of iterations significantly. This means enabling engineers to see far enough into the product development cycle and deep enough into product performance at the conceptual design phase. Different and complex software tools make this iterative evaluation either time consuming or seriously sub-optimal and even if done, some components of product performance remain outside the ambit of design evaluation as these tools lack seamless integration.

Our Solution

Keeping all of the above in mind, CADVision began a grounds-up approach to developing a new solution to address these issues and has successfully developed an engineering software product that has been in BETA testing for the past year and is now in production with several interesting and successful user case studies accomplished. Code Named DE, this is an integrated product design environment enabling preliminary hand sketches to conceptual CAE that provides a rational design foundation for a more time-intensive CAD and CAE later in the product development cycle. It is the first level computer aided software tool that an engineer would use in creating free-hand sketches of concepts, progressing to synthesizing geometry and concluding with analyzing the integrity of design to quickly assess practicality of a design concept.

CADVision believes this is a smarter methodology that uses Engineering Design Synthesis to shorten design cycles, time to market  and engineering change/configuration orders.

Phase One of beta testing and product debugging is complete, and the company expects to complete phase two by mid 2014, with commercial availability beginning shortly thereafter. CADVision expects to make a formal announcement of the commercial launch and other details in the near future.  For information on availability, pricing, technical details etc, please email