How is CEAD different from a CAD software

CAD software is used to create a 3D prototype of a design which helps in visualizing the final product that is to be made. The purpose of CAD is to create 2D or 3D graphical representations of physical objects. CAD is also used to create part design, assembly design and to create drawings for manufacturing and to take it to CAM.

In the usual design cycle, design calculations are performed and geometry is defined before the design goes into the CAD modeling stage.

CEAD is a software which can be used for the initial engineering design calculations. CEAD helps synthesize the geometry based on the design requirements and design criteria (which are translated as boundary conditions and equations). CEAD can also perform first level force analysis and kinematics. Once the results are obtained from CEAD, they go in as input to CAD software. This process will help reduce the costly iterations between CAD and FEA later in the design stage.

CEAD is a collaborative tool which has capability to synthesize geometry, perform engineering calculations and analyze forces.