CAD Customization Services

Customization of CAD products has been possible from the beginning and challenges the popular tagline “One Size Fits All”. Industry-specific CAD products were also developed. But again, maintaining multiple CAD products added overhead costs to the company. Bigger products have added domain-specific workbenches/add-on to give a complete solution. These companies who develop these huge CAD products know that their product is not a perfect fit in every circumstance and is developed for more Generic market conditions. So, the designer feels that the product has enough things missing which he would like to have to save his time and cost. Most of the companies that develop these products understand that they cannot provide specialized features for every industry and every kind of user. So, they provide have provided ways which include API, Documentation and developer tools which can used to customize their product.

Customization of CAD software helps customers to do things faster, efficient and accurate. Most leading CAD software like CATIA, SolidEdge, SolidWorks, AutoCAD, Inventor, etc. allow users to customize using their respective API package. CAD customization can be a small macro to a complete workbench inside the software.

Organizations incline towards customization either for KBE , design automation, process automation or integration with other tools.

CADVision addresses many automation challenges faced by customers world-wide by understanding their engineering process, exploiting 3D CAD technology, Knowledge Management Processes and Automation technology using efficient algorithms and appropriate technical tools.

Our experience in developing a custom geometric kernel has helped us in understanding the architecture of various CAD. Our solutions not just help customers to save a lot time, it also helps to improve their overall quality of design process by maintaining consistency and avoiding errors.

Customers have become more sophisticated and are demanding a faster turnaround time for any design changes or suggestions to be implemented by a design engineer. Our expert software programmers and mathematicians have rich experience in developing complete products that are fast and efficient. Thus, we have helped our clients save substantial money and realize the benefits of automation.

CADVision has also developed stand-alone applications that are integrated with the CAD software to accomplish a particular task. CAD integration can help customer to connect applications and automate the tasks that need to be carried out.

CADVision’s team of expert engineers have expertise on CATIA CAA, CATIA VBA, AutoCAD ObjectARX, SolidEdge SDK, SolidWorks SDK, etc. CADvision has successfully delivered multiple projects over the years on the above tools and helped its customer realize the benefit of CAD Customization.

Some of our CAD Customization project include:

a. Generate a custom bill of materials that contain thumbnails of all parts b. Custom BOM editor to edit part properties c. Rule based template creation in CATIA d. Automatic Title Block generation and data population e. 3D coordinates of points in drawing h. Design automation of speaker grill generation in CATIA using CATIA CAA