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CADVision, based out of Hyderabad, India, is a provider of engineering software product development & services. CADVision is committed to operate high in the value chain and build software products that are easy to use, effective and designed for engineers to efficiently resolve engineering challenges. CADVision is one of the few Indian IT firms to develop, test and bring to market software products for the Indian & Global Markets.


CADVision Engineers was set up in 1991 to provide outsourced design & engineering services, including Product Design & Development, 3D Modelling & Detailing and CNC Programming to manufacturing firms. At that time CADVision was a pioneer in deploying CAD/CAM/CAE technologies and digital design, as well as being a pioneer in what is now called the Engineering Services Field.

In addition to the above, CADVision Engineers also supported CADDS5 and Personal Designer customers of Prime Computers Inc. across India during the 1990s, and has served prestigious brand names such as BHEL, Ordinance Factory, ITC and Prime Computers Inc, apart from diversifying into CAD training services.

Evolution, Expansion and Growth

During the first decade of the new century (2000s) CADVision broadened its scope to include embedded systems and computer-controlled machines. The company designed and developed a special-purpose machine for a pharmaceutical company. This involved Mechanical design, mechanisms, and stress analysis.

In December 2010, The Company decided to change direction and focus on software product development services. This allowed the company to leverage its strong pedigree and understanding of integrated product development and software to forge strategic partnerships and provide comprehensive software product development solutions to clients.

CADVision Engineers Today: Software Products and a Strategic Partner

In the recent years, CADVision has evolved as a strategic partner to international companies supporting their software product development in the engineering domain. CADVision has expanded its services to multiple domains like Medical Devices, Transportation Engineering, AEC, etc. and has helped its customers to build products and tools that are effective and easy to use. CADVision has also build a strong customer centric approach to position itself as a strategic partner than just as vendor or service provider. This has helped CADVision to gain over 20+ strong customers across 10 countries.

Based on learning, experience, and analysis in the domains of mechanical engineering services and product development, the company has taken a strategic direction into developing its own engineering software products. CADVision has realized that there was an opportunity to innovate and improve on the current bottom-up design flow that manufacturing firms typically use for product development. CADVision Engineers felt a smarter approach was Constraint Driven Engineering Design Synthesis methodology could deliver better and faster results. However, this new methodology also required a new software tool that truly allowed mathematical equations to be written that directly created constraint-based conceptual design geometry. The result was CEAD, an engineering software product, which is now in production with interesting and successful user case studies.