Software For Custom Implants

Learn how CADVision helped accelerating custom implant design, reducing cycle time and fostering seamless collaboration with surgeons for an industry-leading medical technology company in North America. Read Full Case Study

Custom BOM Editor

Custom BOM Editor: BOM is an important feature available in CAD software by default. Even though every CAD software has given the flexibility to the user to configure the BOM according to their requirement, most users want some additional options to be available in BOM. One of our clients was looking for a more powerful BOM feature which will save time and hence increase the productivity. Read Full Case Study

Web-based viewer for 3D CAD models

Web-based viewer for 3D CAD models: This solution was developed for a supplier who supplies various parts to OEMs. The sales team of the supplier, who carry a lot of materials/catalogue, also would like to show their parts in a web browser, preferably on the mobile platforms. For this reason, the supplier wanted us to develop an application which would load the tessellated model in a web browser. Read Full Case Study

Migration of PMI Data During Exchange of CAD Data

Migration of PMI Data During Exchange of CAD Data: Product and Manufacturing Information (PMI) is very important for manufacturing product companies and assembly units. PMI is created in the 3D model and is a step towards Model-Based Design (MBD) to allow the elimination of 2D drawings and detailing for manufacturing. PMI data includes geometric dimensions, tolerances, annotations, materials details, etc. .Read Full Case Study