Design Process Automation

Our consultants can help you deliver better products or services to your end users by increasing your process efficiency. Our consultants have rich experience and are there in business for so long that they understand your needs quickly and can shift their focus in such a way so that you benefit the most out of our Services/solutions.

Process Automation

Development of tailor made solutions for specific engineering applications. The solution can either be a custom feature inside an existing application or can be a standalone application which interacts with other systems.

A Sample list of custom solutions looks like this:

    1. Utilities or Tools to improve productivity and reliability
    2. Value-added application development for Engineering Design
    3. Applications for analysis and reporting
    4. Domain specific custom CAD features, capturing domain specific knowledge

With its rich experience in product design and development CADVision has necessary expertise in image processing, tessellation, triangulation, faceted geometries and geometric kernels, that are required to provide start-to-end solutions in the product design workflow.

Integration Tools

Changing business dynamics, Digitization of individual processes and need to provide custom solutions require integration of enterprise applications across various industries – like improved patient experience with connected devices requires integration with various systems and deal with challenges so that patient experience is not compromised. With data becoming the single source of truth, data exchange & validation become business critical.

CADVision provides the necessary consulting to identify such scenarios and develop seamless integration tools with other systems like MES (eg. CAMSTER), PLM (eg. Team Center), patient case system to automation tool, etc.

Knowledge Based Engineering

Significant portion of the knowledge base for engineering product development is in tacit form and is in the head of experienced specialized engineers whom we call as Subject Matter Experts (SMEs). Knowledge Based Engineering addresses this issue by using Knowledge Based Systems Technology to capture the knowledge created and used during the product development process and to facilitate re-use of the knowledge in development of a new product of similar product family. Adoption of KBE is not an easy task and involves certain set of challenges. But the benefits of KBE outweigh the effort required to overcome the challenges and makes it attractive for any organization to adopt KBE.

The business benefits that our clients rely on :

  • Real time access to all information

  • Seamless change and release process

  • Useful for other processes like costing, sourcing and manufacturing

  • Simultaneous collaboration

  • No data redundancy