Challenges in KBE

Knowledge-Based Engineering (KBE) is a part of intelligent systems that are used across a wide range of problem-solving areas including Design Automation, Standardization, Rapid prototyping, Decision Making, Quality Control, and Verification among many others. These systems vary in complexity from well-defined Engineering Tasks in Design Automation to Human thought emulation problem-solving processes. To develop KBE applications there are many methods and are used as per requirements with knowledge acquisition and knowledge Modelling processes, with the help of domain experts and professionals. read more

Posted by: CADVision Team
Date: 08 October 2020


CAD Data Interoperability 

Recent advances in CAD systems include the ability to centrally manage tasks for each project, provide high accessibility to their engineers, cloud & IoT integration, automation modules, generate better quality reports, domain-specific design libraries, etc. Organizations continue to look to adopt newer and technologically advanced CAD systems to fulfil their Design and Engineering requirements for better productivity, quality, reliability, and realize financial benefits. CAD data migration is also triggered through the acquisition of companies or the merger of design departments. read more

Posted by: CADVision Team
Date: 12 August 2020



CAD Customization Introduction

Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software are some of the most popular and widely used engineering tools in the market. Most of this CAD software is developed to address broader disciplines like Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electronics etc. In the last decade, most of these CAD tools have started offering general tools for specific design goals like ex. While offering more general tools, there is no way to know what each individual user may find useful to accomplish very specific tasks. read more

Posted by: CADVision Team
Date: 11 August 2020



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